Why We Should Not Control our Emotions.

By trying to control our feelings we create agony within. Whatever we resist persists. Our memories fade or are forgotten however our feelings stay. When we try to abandon our feelings, we get stuck. The same situations, experiences & relationships, and repeating. We keep producing the same feelings we try to escape until we feel and accept the feeling.

I am not suggesting people become negative, I am suggesting get rid of labelling feelings as negative, positive, right, wrong, good or bad. We can’t prove the real meanings of those judgement words anyway. Etymology is the study of the root origin of words and one would be surprised to find we are misusing many words. There is no measuring tool for feelings, therefore, you can make anger a positive tool.

Repressed anger is never healthy, learning how to feel anger in a healthy way leads to emotional maturity.

A trick I have learnt is to ask myself “What am I so afraid of?” when anger starts because anger is a cover emotion for fear and hurt.

Energy in motion is Emotion a person has the least amount of energy when they are depressed.

 Deep repressed emotion or Deep Pressure on = Depression. The only cure is the expression.

If you have depression, you may think this can not be, I am so tired of feeling, feeling low, sad, tired, hopeless, helpless. empty, despair, like there is no point, like suffering, tired, exhausted, without a will, just can’t, hurt, afraid. I have been there, in this case, it is pressure.

Chances are you live your life around selfish people who have never truly listened and really listened to your feelings. Someone who won’t blame, shame, compare, freak out and yell at you, make excuses, guilt trip you, but just listens.

Forex: Someone has hurt your feelings, you tell them you feel hurt, hoping they will truly care and listen with empathy. You are hoping they will feel or say sorry and possibly things will change. This is sadly never the case. Those who hurt us would not have hurt us if they truly cared and if they truly care, they would recognize our pain or apologize when we tell them how we feel.

The best part, however, is we control our feelings sometimes and sometimes we don’t. If you are depressed chances are you are ruminating, meaning you can not let go of feelings. When you know you have tried everything and you are on repeat, this is not your fault, there is nothing wrong with you. It is called, Ruminating. When you are ruminating, you are not in control of your feelings, once you know this is not your fault you will feel better. You never made yourself ruminate, there is a lot of information about ruminating and obsessing on the internet and with the knowledge we have the ability to get through anything.

As for validation and hoping someone will listen, someone can and always will. This is our left brain and right brain working together. One side speaks, and one side listens. It will seem as though 2 people are having a conversation, but it is all you. If your brain fragments or splits, this too is normal, we have several different sides to us, no one acts the same, every day,  in all situations. If you want more energy, you can not let anyone affect you to the degree that you do not feel safe to express your feelings. It is up to you to tell people your feelings matter, not up to them know. Most people are not yet aware that Empaths, highly sensitive, Introverts have feelings and are actually strong for accepting our feelings because we all have them. In all honesty,

Have you ever met the really nice guy that is so obviously angry inside? It is pretty scary and looks really fake, or the woman who is always angry telling everyone they are the ones that are too sensitive. She is sensitive, anger is a feeling. Explosive anger and reacting is also a sensitive trait.

Authenticity comes from owning our feelings and loving ourselves even our shadow.

I know anyone can do it,  a few years ago, I had no idea, how to feel my feelings. I needed to free myself from the guilt which I found out is actually not a natural emotion but is man-made. Another blog post however After releasing tears, anger, shame etc. I have increased my empathy as well now have an EQ of 142 Emotional Intelligent’s

We all have intuition, gut feelings, empathy and other Psychic gifts available, but first, it takes us being willing to feel our feelings and becoming attuned.

Last but not least please know that controlling people lack self-control, therefore, try to control others.

Often times blame is a shame.

Whatever we resist persists, and if it doesn’t work, try the opposite.

Love always,

Amanda Ouellet aka Anda Lightworker.

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