We are all sensitive.

Everyone is sensitive to different degrees.

If someone had no sensitivity, they would not care about anything.

Over the past thousand years, sensitivity has acquired a bad name because back in the day it was taught boys don’t cry, stuff your feelings, spare the rod spoil the child, don’t be a crybaby etc. People today are still no better expecting everyone is happy 24/7 for ex, don’t worry be happy, keep calm and chive on and of course stay positive.

It is okay to not feel okay.

Deep repressed emotion is depression

Expression leads to relief from releasing our feelings rather than distracting from them.

Have you ever heard someone who gets angry all the time say “Stop being so sensitive.” Lol, they are majorly projecting because they are the sensitive ones. When we allow ourselves to feel our feelings we gain energy.

Energy in motion is Emotion.

We allow ourselves to be yourself.

Have you ever met the really nice person who is obviously ready to explode because she’ trying to hold her anger in?

Emotionally intelligent people don’t react, they respond because they feel their feelings rather than bottle them up or abandon them.

Whatever we resist persists, the best way to get rid of Anxiety are to accept it.

We were born with thoughts and feelings, we can deny them however we remain stuck in the illusion which is not living our true life.

And also if you have ever.

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