8 Oct 2017


I am a ray of source energy. I look like fuchsia or indigo smoke shaped like a jellyfish. I can form a physical body when I am on Earth where I am fusion, fused with my ego. Some egos grow up surrounded by negative energy, judgment, stubbornness, criticism who grew up with hate in the form of racism during WW2. I am ridding my body of depression deep repressed emotion. I will deep release my emotions and have them restored. In order to feel deep relief, I have chosen to keep the self that I am and conquer egos negativity by doing a deep restoration of my body and mind.

Repressed or Pressed Down = Low and negative frequency

Release or Relieve = High and positive frequency

Fuchsia- assists one in accepting long-repressed emotions, and embracing one’s long-submerged and neglected grief.

Indigo- assists intuition

The more I deeply repress the less energy I vibrate in negative or lower frequencies. This is where people who have little or no energy begin to use drugs like amphetamines to feel the energy. Amphetamines cause serotonin the feeling happy chemical our brain produces. Amphetamines like cocaine and meth cause temporary states of higher vibrations in positive frequencies. Amphetamines also over time stop working

Those in pain, cannot get energy and begin feeling nothing thus feel dead while alive. It is okay to feel negative Use guilt and turn it into forgiveness. Feel shame and learn not to blame, feel anger and ask what am I really afraid of sad finds how good happiness feels.

Envy and jealousy teach us what we really want to achieve. Embarrassment and anxiety teach us how to feel humble.

Once we feel our emotions we won’t try to use them as weapons against each other. We will learn about validation and hurt, possibly find the cure for hurt. We will encourage each other to master what each other is good at, we can live life and grow, opening our conscious minds to enlightenment. I love you Universe and all that is in it.

Written by. Amanda Ouellet

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