Emotion is Energy in motion

I have felt Eminem’s frustration &
Chester’s despair.
I know Britney ain’t crazy,
Someone needs to feel, in order to care.

So many people don’t seem to recognize
They hide behind their disguise
Children can not tell their parents how they feel
so many, blame, shame, judge or discard like no big deal,
Children are born with thoughts and feelings,
and should feel safe to share.

If a parent loves you unconditionally, it proves they really care.
Not all woman should be moms nor should all men become dads
Listen to a child’s feelings, or did they abandon their self too.
Some parents think their child is an extension of them self,

a baby is an individual with thoughts
and feelings unique to his or her own self.
Children have it hard in homes where no one seems to care,
when children say good or fine they do not feel it is safe to share.

Parents can not teach something new, if they never had a clue.

It only takes one person to start it

and he did so with his words
Hitler, I hate you, all you did was rage,

We stand together to end, the era known as The Emotional Dark Age.

This song, poem or card might be

the very first.

Please care enough to share and validate your hurt.

Love AAO

Dedicated to my 3 sons. 2017 is the last Christmas

without them

Today is the start of 2018

This year, mom will find a way to you. I love you unconditionally, I always have, I always will.

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