O Theory

When we come into the world one thing is certain, we have the ability to think & feel. We can not change that. It is who we are.

When someone says, That is your opinion, thought or feeling, I can not change that. The person is correct and not correct They can effect our thoughts and our feelings causing us to change it ourselves.

If someone is compassionate we can be affected in ways considered positively therefor choose to think and feel better. In most cases, people are infecting us with hurt, that causes us to change our feelings and thoughts to those considered negative. Typically it is with words that label or judge who and what we are or not aknowledging the right to choose our own thoughts and feelings and narcissistically trying to change or control our us by shaming, denying, excusing, blaming our thoughts and feelings.

Hurt causes hurt in 3 ways, self-hurt, society hurt or revenge hurt. It is apparent hurt does not need any more abandonment. There is a lack of Empathy in this world and it is time for us to start taking things personally.

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