Everyone has the right to choose thier thoughts and feelings.

I would love to share what I discovered on a Spiritual Journey that resulted from extreme suffering with Catatonic Depression stuck looking at the walls for days.

We are all valid meaning we come into this world with thoughts and feelings. There are no negative feelings, It is okay to feel angry, its okay to not feel okay. It is our right to choose our feelings. Sometime’s hearing someone say “Stay Positive.” hurts more. If we abandon our negative feelings we end up with depression aka. Deep repressed emotion. I do not have proof that is what depression, it is from personal experience and opinion. Do we need negative feelings to expand our consciousness? I am curious if we never knew sad, could we really know happiness? In my experience, yes, I now have thought and felt anger, sadness, helpless, hopeless, anxious and more but learned to feel them until I felt better. The best way I found to feel better is the feeling just needed to be acknowledged, I told myself I was not abandoning the feeling and listened to myself with empathy and stayed with the feeling within a couple minutes after acknowledging I felt better. These were feelings I had been running from because from an early age they were punished. Behavior is thought feeling and action. When we

Whatever we resist persists. A panic attack is much worse when one is trying to escape the panic as hard as it may be to welcome anxiety asking for more of it tricks the brain and panic lessen and once it stops you find the courage until eventually, panic attacks stop altogether.

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