The Digital Era will end The Emotional Dark Age.

All babies are born with self worth, every individual is unique and has gifts. We are all worthy of unconditional love. A good heart does not mean one that has never been hurt. Almost all good hearts have been hurt. Saying there can be a bad heart is like saying there can be a bad baby. Society is what causes hurt. Hearts are not bad but calling them bad hurts feelings. Calling their behavior bad hurts their feelings. A child feels “if my feelings are bad, I am bad.” Children think behavior is feelings. and believe ” If my feelings do not matter, then I do not matter.” This is how a baby can grow to have what society also calls a bad heart. I dislike words that judge right and wrong came from law. good and bad come from religion. Law and religion cause war. This is how people learn to hurt others is by feeling hurt. The caregivers their own parents failed to provide the basic need, to feel love, affection, comfort and security and the child grew up feeling angry was bad but still feels angry and inflicts hurt on others or denies and inflicts hurt on themselves ex. self sacrifice and people pleasers. Have you been taught self love is selfish?

Each baby born is a gift we can learn from. We can trust our children we do not need to steal our children’s right to choice of their own beliefs, values, thoughts and feelings. We show them actions that inflict hurt have consequences. Are you a always a teacher or can you accept being listener.

The Universe gifted me a baby. I give the universe back the gift of a human that was never judged, criticized, label or gas lighted with opinions. My children were taught to speak with out sin. We grow by letting go of our attachment trauma for what was once my little baby always was his or her own individual self an open spirit whom is free to receive the gift we call life. Growth in mind and body is my purpose only job here on Earth. I learnt when I listened and even though my reality is my kids have been alienated from me by someone who will never deny my love for them. He was someone that society got to. He abandoned his feelings and ego took control. As much as I used to want for him to receive bad karma. I have come to terms and I have learnt my 3 boys never belonged to me. They were a gift as a baby. I validated them, they know they matter. I thank you Universe. I am fully ready to leave behind the emotional dark age and open the door to The Digital Era.

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