Deep Repressed Emotion/Depresssion

Cure for Depression & Energy Loss  Amanda Ouellet

Author: Amanda Ouellet

What is Depression Deep Repressed Emotion

We have repressed our feelings so long because we think certain emotions are bad or wrong.

What is Behavior Feelings and thoughts followed by action

Parents are just learning not to discipline or punish behavior because it does not separate the thoughts and feelings from the action.

If a child is disciplined for hitting his sister by timeout and the parent explains he was not bad just what he did was bad, this still does not address the feeling. If a child grows up feeling his feelings are bad or don’t matter, the child will grow to feel he is bad or does not matter.

When asking many who have been to prison why they commit the crime, many say “Because I’m bad.” When asking many children how they feel, I usually find them saying fine or good. The reason being not that they are fine or good, the reason is that they either do not know how they feel because they were taught certain feelings are wrong or they do not want to tell me for that very same reason.

I started thinking oh no, how can someone let parents especially exhausted parents know this may be vital. I have done research and for sure there is an easy solution.

Feelings do not have a measuring tool yet we measure them as good or bad or right or wrong. Most people who repress, hide, shame fix, deny solve, fix, compare feelings so what do they need to do?

Easy solution way which is consequence for the action and allow child to express their feelings while listening to the child with empathy this trusts the child to feel their feelings and learn how to validate their own feelings rather than repress them

The cure for Depression Deep Express Emotion

Most people who preach Stay Positive have never been where you are or are still repressing so please do not mind them, there is positivity in expressing negative emotions.
For example
by feeling insecure, we understand and appreciate the trust.
by feeling jealous, we understand and appreciate the desire.
by feeling rejection, we understand and appreciate willpower.
by feeling ashamed, we know to understand and appreciate self-has worth.
by feeling guilt, we understand and appreciate forgiveness.
by feeling anger, we understand and appreciate personal strength and empowerment
by feeling anxious, understand and we know peace
by feeling depressed we appreciate the relief
by feeling insanity we appreciate harmony and balance
by feeling hurt, we appreciate the comfort
by feeling empty we appreciate the hope
by feeling trauma, we appreciate wellness
by feeling hate we appreciate the love.
If you feel hurt the best way to cure hurt is to validate easy 3 steps to validate Ask your self why you are feeling angry now listen to yourself think and feel with empathy talk to yourself if it helps grab a notebook. write or scribble feelings down listen to yourself feel your feelings let them out until you feel better.
Try to live a week without words that judge like good and bad, right and wrong, positivity and negativity.

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