Expression is the Cure for Depression?

By Amanda Ouellet

For some the only way to discover who they are is to allow themself to feel negetive emotions. To figure out what some one stuck in trauma likes is difficult but comes much easier when they discover what they do not like. Here are some examples of what are considered negetive feelings and the positives that I found when I stopped resisting them.

Envy and Jealousy

Think of who and what your envious and jealous of to help see what you desire to become and achieve.
Blame and Shame
Blame likes to unravel our shame, so when we think of the people and things we blame. clearly look for the deep rooted part of ego that carries the weight of denial.


When I allowed the weight of shame and guilt to lift off me I discovered how we punish ourselves way to hard.

Anger/Fear and Anxiety

Anger gives us release, when I am alone, I allow the oppertunity to feel relief and let out my anger. It is healthy to yell and scream and cry.

Anger is a cover feeling it covers fear when feeling and releasing anger, Ask yourself “What am I really afraid of?”

Facing fears create a lifetime opportunity. Facing fear feels courageous and presents us courage.
Conquering anxiety was the hardest but taught me never give up and I become a survivor.
Feeling sad teaches one to treasure time.

For 100’s of years. Government and Religion suggest we punish or discipline children’s feelings to control children’s feelings.

When you hear some one say, “He/she made me mad.” it shows that many believe they can control others feelings and others control their feelings, even though, it is not physically possible. There is no tool to actually make someone feel a feeling they do not choose to.

Measuring tools for feelings do not exist and feelings are not measured good or bad, right or wrong. Feelings are feelings. Answer what does good feel like?

As a child when we feel our feelings do not matter, we grow up thinking we do not matter and when someone asks, how we are doing? Our blank stare and squeaky voice lets out the word good or fine.

The person did not ask how we are feeling he or she asked how we are. When we respond good all the time, we abandon our true feeling and tell our self we must be good.

It is just as okay to feel okay, as it is
to not feel okay.

Deep Repressed Emotion or Deep Pressure on Emotions is how I best describe, What is Depression?

Emotions have been repressed deep and need release.

Growing up feelings were measured good or bad or right or wrong, we were taught the way our parents were taught it is wrong to feel angry so we repress. We can discipline a child’s action and still validate their feeling. However in many homes this is never the case.

As we grow up, we end up attracting controlling people who seem to love when they can blame, shame, help, fix, excuse, guilt, deny, change, dismiss, ignore or try and out do our feelings.

Have you ever sat in a room full heroes and helpers that need to fix you because your just not good enough? They tell you, you need to fix your self do not trust you capable of managing your feelings when all you wanted, was someone to listen.

Self Worth
Everyone’s self has worth. We are equal whether we live in a dumpster or in the white house the moment we are born our self has worth

I am struggling with trauma and isolation. It is hard to admit but positive quotes and positive people who force positive feelings 24/7 are overwhelming. My memory was not knocked out along life’s path therefore it is impossible to forget the past.
It was time to find any as much positive feelings in feeling negative because feeling positive became rare if felt at all.
Not everyone needs true pain before feeling true pleasure, but for some like myself, this method allowed my ego to awaken.

I entered the 5th and 6th Dimensions using Reiki, Guided Chakra Cleanses and Meditations as well many Spiritual and Science Teachers.

The Power in Feeling Negative By Amanda Ouellet

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